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Welcome to Martins & Rebello (M&R) / Indulac! Learn more about our company!


Who we are

Martins & Rebello (M&R) is a company based on the tradition and know-how of four generations of Rebello family, dealing with dairy products since 1901!

Martins & Rebello (M&R) conducts its operations by accuracy and quality, constantly looking to offer the best products to its customers. Our products are made by traditional Portuguese methods, respecting centenary practices, which give them a unique identity.


Our production

In our view, a good cheese is the result of three components: raw materials, manufacture and maturation! In Martins & Rebello (M&R) we never neglect any of them!

All our raw materials are subject to a rigorous selection, and are worked in accordance with tradition and experience, but associated with modern and innovative technologies.

The process concludes in the cheese maturation. This is our technology culmination and allows the fine tuning of the special flavor and texture of our cheeses.

The daily pursuit of these practices allows us to guarantee the highest quality of our products!

Choosing Martins & Rebello (M&R) products is to choose healthier products and balanced, based on know-how, tradition and wisdom of more than a century and keeping the true essence and flavor of the traditional cheeses!


Where we are

Besides the nationwide coverage, Martins & Rebello (M&R) products are available all over the world, a fact of which we are very proud.


Our Customers

In Martins & Rebello (M&R) we are focused on Cheese and Dairy Products supply to a vast range of customers, emphasizing the Retailing and Distribution Industry, Retail, Specialized Retail, Gourmet Shops and Catering Companies.


Our Certifications

Martins & Rebello (M&R) / Indulac has international certifications (ISO 22000 / HACCP), in addition to the certifications required for a large number of countries and markets.


Corporate Video

Do you want to know more about our products and processes? Watch our corporate video.


Indulac - Martins & Rebello (M&R)

More than a century on behalf of the dairy products.